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Obiettivo: GBP 5,000.00 | Donati: GBP 0.00

Data di inizio: 2016-11-26 | Data di fine: 2017-12-01

World Parks, World Cup unites communities, conservation, and Park Authorities through sport for social development by focusing on education, conservation, anti-poaching, health, gender equality and youth motivation in Southern Africa.
Your donation will allow us to build upon the success of the inaugural 2016 campaign and to reach more rural communities within South Africa, Mozambique and Zimbabwe, by developing:
- Youth outreach programmes
- Youth sport teams (girls and boys)

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Risorsa Descrizione Quantità
Sport equipment Footballs 30
Sport equipment Netballs 30
Sport equipment Football boots 30+
Sport equipment Training cones 150
Sport equipment Movable goal posts 6

Autore: Vince Mehers



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