How it works

Trust Hau is a tool for launching projects and seeking supporters. A convenient way to sponsor ideas you like, and to support friends in achieving their goals.


Propose a project and ask for people's support. You can make your project realize with ideas, professional work, things, or simply money.


Take your project everywhere and promote it within your social networks and contacts. Promote your project among friends, at school, at work, in your social circles.


Trust Hau provides simple tools to keep in touch with supporters, receive pledges and donations.


You can search for projects you are interested to support and join people in making real changes in the world.


Select the project you are interested to support and click to make a pledge. Once in the pledge page you can decide the type of pledge you want to make: money or resources (time or physical goods). Each project displays a slider showing its status of accomplishment.

Project owners, according to the contributions received, can decide to review project objectives or to refuse and refund back the money received.


1. Create a project. It takes just 3 minutes

2. Promote your project, involve your friends and use social networks to spread the idea. 
Millions of people can be reached in a snapshot

3. People support you with a click.

How to propose projects

To propose a project you have to:

Register in Trust Hau.

Create a project directly from the home page or from your dashboard.

Provide information about your project, a description, its duration, the type of support required and where it is happening. You can also link any information you feel necessary to showcase your project: a link to a web site, video, pictures or documents. Place an icon that identify your idea and attach a picture to better explain what you want to do.

How to promote projects

Once you have created your project, you can promote it in your social networks and through your friends and contacts.

Trust Hau easily helps you linking your project to the major social networks

How to manage projects

You can track all projects you are promoting, or supporting.

Your can see all people linked to your project.

You review pledges of people intending to support your projects and decide what you are willing to accept or reject.

You can pledge to projects you like.

If you do not have a direct channel for receiving money, you can use Trust Hau service for money transfer.

How to search project

You can search for projects with the Trust Hau search engine. Define the criteria of your search, use keywords, select only certain type of projects and locate them by country or city where they are promoted. You can narrow down your search by applying multiple filters.