What is Trust Hau?

Trust Hau unleashes people's power to make changes. By sharing your goals and finding people who commit to your project, you can make real changes in the world. You bring ideas about how to make changes. Trust Hau will support you with the tools needed to stay in touch with friends and supporters. There are many way people can support your projects thanks to Trust Hau: offering time and ideas, resources or money. People can't do things alone and Trust Hau leverage the power of many to make things happen.

What in our name?

Hau is the spirit of gift in Maori culture, representing the soul of whatever is given. What you give is not inanimate, nor pulseless. A gift is an extension of the owner.

According to the Maori, every gift embeds part of the person who bestowed it, and will continue living with the person who received it, who will feel the responsibility of passing it on, to keep the gift chain alive.

We trust in the spirit of gift

We trust how things can happen if you decide to give

We trust how change can be brought about when you trust others

Gift is universal

The act of giving is common to many cultures and traditions: it is a universal habit. A gift is a framework for a relationship, where the participants build a unique and special relation, founded on trust and understanding.

Trust Hau unleash the power of gift

Distance among people and difficulties in establishing direct channels of communication affect the power of gift, limiting opportunities and discouraging it.

Trust Hau overcomes this all, making easy for everybody to promote a project or an idea and seek support to make it happen on a global scale.

Let opportunities speak

Direct relation and exchange among people open the door to new opportunities.

Direct commitments of people bring also major efficiency in resource use, a permanent and direct monitoring owned by people. You judge if a project is relevant and you support only what make sense to you. You can also check the status of the projects you are supporting. You have a direct link with the people promoting what you support. You dialogue with the community that support a given project. As a community member, you have the power and the tools to ensure things are done the right way. You have a direct say. Your opinion is important.

With the direct involvement of people Trust Hau ensures also the right knowledge flow where it is needed.

There is not waste of resources, being time, things or money: People organize around common goals making the required decisions, taking appropriate actions and necessary steps.

Trust Hau offers a global service where gift can take place without limitations. We do not know borders, we overcome barriers by putting people on stage: you do what matters to you. And only what is needed by other people to achieve their goals is asked for support.

You are at the center of the stage

People, communities, organizations, institutions and enterprises wish to promote initiatives of any kind. The world is full of creativity. We wish to unleash the power of people. You are at the center of the stage.

Gift have many faces

People have time and knowledge to serve your cause. People have resources to give, being time, things or money. There are many ways to support someone's project. Trust Hau is the platform to make this happen. The spirit of Hau does not know limits and we do not pose limitation to the type of gift you can offer. We are not focused on money, but committed to unleash the many faces of gift. We consider key the mutual trust among people to make things happen.

What Trust Hau do

Trust Hau uses the best available technologies to service boosting opportunities and making leverage from the converging will of people to make things happen.

Trust Hau support and facilitate the encounter of people and organizations, building links and finding hidden opportunities, in the form of projects that bond people together in pursuit of a common goal.

In Trust Hau people promote projects: measurable actions in time and space, to achieve their goals.

Trust Hau ensures people and organizations can pledge support to projects:

- You can support with time and knowledge

- You can support with things

- You can support with money

Trust Hau offers people a service to facilitate their wills converge in supporting projects and achieving measurable results. People meet and mutual understanding and trust is build around a common goal. We leverage the power of people to achieve measurable outcomes.

Trust Hau helps users to keep in touch with the project and have a say on its implementation, commenting the actions, monitoring the activities, getting in touch with the promoters and providing ideas, suggestions, advises.

You decide who trust. You decide what to give. You monitor and follow up what is happening with what you give.

In Trust Hau you are always at the center of the stage: both as promoter of a project or as a sponsor, it is you playing the central role. Projects are developed around real needs of people. Only the necessary support is required to sponsors.

You do the good work while we focus in providing you the best services to support you achieving your goals.

How much it costs to you?

Trust Hau does not cost to you. Trust Hau itself is a project, and like all the projects in the Trust Hau platform we ask people to support and to donate, to maintain the functioning of this platform.

All registered users are allowed to promote without costs three projects, and using up to 10 megabytes of our servers space to put on line your contents.

If you require our financial services to transfer money to a project or from a project we do not charge additional transaction costs. You have only to meet the costs that banks and financial institutions charge to us for the transaction required.

That's all about our costs to you.

To maintain Trust Hau we relay on the spirit of Hau: you can support by donating us and helping this service work. Check the projects Trust Hau is promoting, and see if there is something you can do about what we need: we trust you.