Trust Hau welcomes projects and we aspire to support the accomplishment of projects launched by people and organizations. There are not limits to the projects you can launch in Trust Hau. It will be upon the people to evaluate and decide about supporting a specific project, and provide you what you need to accomplish your task.

Projects violating our guidelines will be removed.

Trust Hau is a general fund raising site, and we only allow projects to be publicized in our website. A project is something finite, with a clear beginning and end. Someone can be held accountable to the framework of a project—a project was either completed or it wasn’t—and there are definable expectations that everyone can agree to.

If your project is first and foremost a business, itʼs not appropriate for Trust Hau.

Please note that raffles, financial returns, and investment offers are prohibited.

Community Guidelines

We rely on respectful interactions to ensure that Trust Hau is a friendly place. Please follow the rules below.

We do not tolerate spam, including sending unsolicited messages to people on Twitter.

Do not promote a project on other project's pages. Your comments will be deleted and your account may be suspended.

Do not harass or abuse other members.

Do not post obscene, hateful or objectionable content. We will remove it and suspend you.

Do not post copyrighted content without permission. Post content that you have the rights to.

Do not upload content for commercial use, or demos that actively sell or promote a product or service.

Actions that violate our Terms of Service may lead to an account being suspended or deleted.