About us

Trust Hau is the result of the exceptional commitment of its two founders. In 2008 we had lengthy discussion about this idea. We wanted to develop something to overcome one of the major dilemma “giving” and helping each other is facing: the difficulty for people to get in touch directly. We saw that much of the potential implied in “giving” is simply lost, and something had to be done to support people and their projects in a new, creative way. The time is mature for people to take direct responsibility and be at the center of the stage in this area. From visioning and dreaming, we move to action: by 2011 Trust Hau was registered as a Non Profit Organization and the first web platform was running. We went through a refinement process leading to what you see now on line. Our goal is simple: to offer people a web service to make gift happening without limitations. Your dream is the only dream we count.


Trust Hau vision is a society where people build direct relationships and trust to achieve shared goals.


Trust Hau mission is to support people to make possible meeting the resources and support needed to achieve their goals.


Trust How desires to contribute in building a society where people give each other because of trust and mutual help.


Trust Hau ardently believes in exchange among people without restrictions or discrimination, to support each other in building a better world. People goals and needs should be at the center of the stage.